Sara and Abe take on Thomasville – Part 1 (aka healthy pizza)

Abe and I have been meaning to get up to Thomasville to see the city and eat (what else?). Black Friday we escaped the crazies in Tally, and made the 45ish minute drive up.

Side note: it’s cool living where when you want to get some good food, you nip over the state border.

Anyways, upon getting to Thomasville, we promptly looked for a place for lunch (first things first).  Friends had highly recommended Liam’s, and we were all ready to go there until we saw the line out the door.  So a quick text to the same friends resulted in a second recommendation, a “healthy pizza place”, Moon Spin Pizza.  Now, I’m all for thinking many foods are healthy (yes cheese for supper is healthy, it’s dairy!), but I was intrigued by this.  We were close, so thought what the heck, and headed over.

Moon Spin is one of those places that make you (or maybe just me?) happy to be there, modern, white and chrome, funky and supportive of locally sourced ingredients.  It was busy when we got there, but spotted a great table for two at the front with a window bench as our seat.  The trick at this pizza place is you head to the counter, order your food from the menu board, pay, grab your number and your seat.  At lunch they offer some great choices by the slice, so Abe and I ended up getting one each.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for cheese and for the most part stay veggie with my pizza choices (I blame a bad pepperoni experience…scarring), so the Red Moon Rising pizza was for me.  Chevre from Sweet Grass Dairy (say no more) and roasted red peppers (colour filler).  Abe picked the Blue Moon: blue cheese, canadian bacon (that’s peameal bacon for my fellow Canadians), and mushrooms.

It should be briefly mentioned that the booze choices were great (micro breweries, etc), and given that abe and I are not against an adult beverage on a Friday afternoon, I got a glass of wine and abe got a beer on draft.  We sat at our fantastically cute seat in the window with our number just like we were supposed to and waiting for our food!  And waited.  And waited some more.  At some point, Abe did ask me what I thought was taking so long, but I didn’t want to destroy the made from scratch vibe that was going on and brushed it off as cooking mastery.  There were a few big tables (at least 10 tops) before us, so we drank and talked and waited (I think I mentioned that before).  When a couple who came in about 15 minutes after us got their slices, we and the server bringing out the food knew we were in trouble.  He checked on us, checked the kitchen and brought us the bad news that our slices had been pulled from the chit line by a food runner thinking they had gone out to one of the big tables.  We were having a great time and were buzzed from our first and second rounds of drinks, so we stayed happy and waited some more.

We got our pizzas about an hour and a half after we started the adventure, and they were pretty.  The crust was thin and perfect amount of doughiness and airyness in my humble opinion.  The ingredients were fresh tasting too.

That being said, when I ordered mine I thought that there may be a lack of different flavours going on, but I really love goats cheese and I couldn’t say no.  Note about me…I love big flavours.  I mean BIG.  Chevre wasn’t even enough for me on this pizza, it was a little bland overall.  What’s a girl got to do to get a mushroom on that?

Check out the picture though, nice big chunks of chevre, that was nice :).

Abe ordered well, the blue cheese was nicely flavoured and not too strong (thanks for that!), the canadian bacon was a little closer to ham like but that’s the canadian in me speaking, and he got the mushrooms I wanted.  I still think that I wanted more to it too though, oddly enough…a fresh herb maybe?

Overall, great pizza toppings, crust and creativity with menu items, and local business that I would go back for, but I would probably order something else.

A price note, I have no problem spending 3-5 bucks for a slice given the quality of the ingredients, but it may not be enough for big or even medium appetites.  I saw lots of calzones go out, and that might be the way to go, they looked great!

Dessert note: we got two cookies on the house for the food mess up.  Peanut butter chocolate chip.  By far the best thing we had from there, super soft and tasty.

Overall:  I think I can safely say 3 and a knuckle thumbs overall.

What’s “healthy” about “healthy pizza” you ask?  I’m not really sure.

Moon Spin on Urbanspoon

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