Sara and Abe take on Thomasville – Part Deux

An afternoon of shopping and working off the two drink lunch later, we were ready for an appetizer somewhere in town before heading home.  It was 5pm, we went to Liam’s to try again, and found out it doesn’t open for supper until 5:30.  Liam’s just didn’t want us to eat there.

So, right next door was Jonah’s Fish & Grits.  Proximity won out and we headed over. We got a cute booth and settled down for some eating and drinking.

The first surprise came about then. Sara to waiter “do you have a wine menu”. Waiter “no, we don’t”. Sara “okay, what do you have”. Waiter “no, we don’t serve alcohol”. I’m going to go ahead and say that the shock and terror must have been evident on my face. All blog readers, you have been warned.

After coming to grips with my predicament, abe and I spent some time taking a look at the menu. We were interested in an app or two, but nothing really stuck out for us there. Instead we turned towards the sharing a main course, and thought about getting fish and chips. The waiter came around with the on-the-house hush puppy basket. Now, hush puppies are a new thing for me, something I had never had until I moved to the south. In general, I love cornbread, so why wouldn’t I love cornbread balls?! And I do! I will say, Jonah’s hush puppies were the best I’ve had so far. They were super moist, and had a nice kick with some added jalapenos. What I couldn’t eat there, I wrapped in a napkin like I was stealing something and kept them for later munching. Yes, I did. And I don’t regret that decision at all.

Away from the balls, after discussion with the waiter we realized that shrimp and grits was the way to go. Why? Abe LOVES shrimp and grits (we are serving them at our wedding), and I quickly joining him in that LOVE, and as the smart waiter pointed out, the name of the restaurant in “Jonah’s FISH AND GRITS”. We had to go with the house specialty.

And we are happy we did. For me, up there to the top of the best I’ve ever had. Overall review of the flavour…pronounced garlic, creamy grits and sauce, good number of shrimp that were fresh and well cooked, and best of all for this girl, fresh cooked to a perfect crispiness green and yellow zucchini and red peppers. Now, I really like shrimp and grits, and I really really like veggies. Putting them together was a revelation for me. It was amazing. We heaved down the plate of food like we had never seen food before.

Shrimp and Grits!

Well done Jonahs! And with no alcohol, our bill was refreshingly low!

Overall rating…Abe 1.5 thumbs, Sara 2 thumbs.  Total = 3.5 thumbs

Jonah's on Urbanspoon

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