Part 3 of some things I love about Tallahassee!

I love finding great service in eateries you are not expecting it at.

In general, this city does serve up some great food customer service (can it be even a bad pun when the same root word is used?!).  But I have really been blown away recently by two different places that I would have not expected the above and beyond.  They deserve a shout out!

1. Tomahawk Sports Bar and Grill.  By chance I went there with some work friends for happy hour.  I was blown away, and would happily make it a regular place to grab a beer and burger.

This is no normal sports bar folks!  First, they have a great beer selection, with many rotating drafts of microbreweries from around the country.  Who would have thunk?!  Second, their burgers are very good, full of great options for toppings, many of which are unique.

But really, we had amazing service from our bartender, who knew his beers, and was passionate about them.  He was excited to sample beers for us (bacon beer, whaaaaa?), and to just plain talk beer.  And you know what, if you just wanted a bud light and that was it, he could shoot the shit with you about sports.  There were no pretenses here.

AND, on top of that?  I had checked in on foursquare when I was there, and by that evening I had a tweet from the bar saying thank you for coming and they liked my blog!!  Now that makes this girl happy.  There are many great businesses in this town on twitter (check out the linked website on the right from Goin’ Postal tallahassee who keeps a list of them all!), but I have yet to see that sort of connection by any restaurant in town.

Check them out, this is not your typical bud light sports bar.

The Tomahawk Sports Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

2.  Mardi Gras Snowballs.  Tried this place out today because I wondered what really made it different than typical snow cones like everyone was telling me.  What I got was definitely great.  But the most impressive part? The service.  Our server, if I remember right her name was Christie, took some serious enjoyment in popping my New Orleans style shaved ice cherry.  She expertly guided me towards unusual but great flavours (egg custard? red velvet?) I never would have tried on my own and sampled the heck out of me.  She talked about the process of making the shaved ice, chatted about general life to me, and overall made the experience very fun.  She made sure to tell me her name and gave me a business card with a coupon for an up-charge product when I was leaving.

Again, above and beyond, and just great business.

Mardi Gras Snowballs on Urbanspoon

If you haven’t been to either of these places, try them! Support their efforts to bring unique and wonderful food experiences to Tallahassee!

4 responses to “Part 3 of some things I love about Tallahassee!

  1. Wow this is fantastic! I know where you’re taking me next time I visit!

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words! Look forward to getting to know you all!!

  3. Uhhh… did you happen to try the FOUR BBQ sauces at Tomahawk? Amazing. The garnet and gold sauces are particularly great when combined.

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