Marie Livingston’s, why do you have to mess with us?

Abe and I don’t cook a lot of meat at home. We are mostly vegetarian other than my constant love for seafood and my totally involuntary and all encompassing need for a steak about once a month. This craving is rare enough (pun intended) that we normally go out to fill it rather than cooking at home. As such we have been on a journey to find our go-to local place to grab this monthly steak.


The bar area

The first place we tried when we moved to town was Marie Livingston’s. It’s close to our house and local, all things that rock in our books. That first night was an amazing first date with Marie. Great big bar to sit at (our favorite place to eat), decent wine a great price, great bread with even better honey butter, a typical salad with great blue cheese dressing and an amazing steak at a cheap steak price.

Then we went back. All remained the same but the steak was a little less amazing.


Random picture with no relevance

Then we went back again. And had one of the worst steaks I have ever had.

The bar is still fun to sit at. Although the stools are oddly shaped and uncomfortablek to sit in and too short for the bar height. But the wine is still a good price. Oh and the music was ungodly bad. Imagine the elevator from hell.


It's like a mozzarella toque!

We got their version of french onion soup which was not meant to be like the original and was only loosely related in taste. It had a distinct beef broth flavor and the menu claimed it was creamy but if it was it was very slight. A little too heavy with the cheesy hat but tasty enough in total. I would eat again.


We ordered “the most popular” cut of steak, the Kansas City Strip. A steak comes with a bread basket, salad and side. As mentioned above the honey butter is damn tasty. The salad is a bagged romain salad (shredded purple cabbage and all) but the blue cheese dressing is good.


Buttery goodness

We have only tried the sweet potato as our side. The potato itself is nothing special but the brown sugar mixed with the butter is a nice and a welcomed touch.


Lonely steak in a sea of bitterness

The steak. That’s why we are all here right? This particular cut of meat was tasteless, grisly, and tough. If this cut is popular in Kansas City then the whole city has some issues.  I have never actually had a steak that tasted like so little, which really is almost a feat in itself.  And I’m not talking about the lack of spices on the steak, including the no-brainer salt and pepper.  The actual meat  Okay, I am lying a little.  Two bites tasted like steak.  I counted.  A least it was cooked properly.

So never mind that the steak itself sucked but the trick at Marie Livingston’s is their special sauce they float the steak in. This stuff tastes like home made A1 sauce but a little bit runnier. If you like that you are going to love it.  If you  don’t well you are not going to love it.  No matter what, I would really recommend that you actually get it on the side because the small lake of it is overwhelming. Too bad I always forget to take my own advice.

So end of story? I’m not sure Abe and I will be back anytime soon. We had success with steaks there before and I do think it’s possible again. I can say don’t get the Kansas City cut.  In general, the steaks are about 20$ and you get what you pay for. As in this is no Shula’s quality, but much more affordable. And when it’s on it really is good.

Sorry I’m wishy washy folks. But I guess Marie has been wishy washy to us.


Serious lack of green

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One response to “Marie Livingston’s, why do you have to mess with us?

  1. My husband will so totally agree with you (on the bad part). He is just not a Marie Livingston’s fan. Have “tasty” fun looking for the best steak in town!

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