The Marinated Mushroom

Bill Lord: looking good since 1961.

If I can impart anything on all the restaurant owners out there, it’s that you need to give the deal-of-the-day websites a try at least once. I would probably not have chosen to go to The Marinated Mushroom for lunch simply because it’s a little out of the way and because I normally pack my lunch. But when I saw Living Social had offered up a $15 voucher for $7 last week, I got it.

I grabbed my good friend Bill Lord (pictured above) and we headed down Cap Circle. The ‘Shroom, as Bill and I lovingly call it, is a little inconspicuous. It’s behind Calico Jacks, right next to Reangthai. When I told several people about the Living Social, I got the same response: never eaten there but I’ve had it catered before.┬áThe ‘Shroom seems to be a catering service first, with a cafe set up for a small lunch crowd. Here’s their website.

The Fried Eggplant sandwich will make you question your loyalty to meat.

Bill got the Turkey Panini, switching out the sweet potato fries for a bowl of broccoli soup (no fee). Both looked really good and he confirmed so much. He really liked the sliced baguette that came out as a complimentary appetizer. I got the Fried Eggplant sandwich with sweet potato fries. The fries seemed to have been drizzled with oil and then baked, making them a somewhat healthy option. The fried eggplant was on par with some of the best I’ve had, with the garlic rosemary sauce and pesto mayo making it all the more memorable. I’m pretty sure they made their own bread, but at the very least it was baked somewhere that morning. If they did make it, they should also be in that business.

The ‘Shroom is definitely worth a weekly lunch visit. The woman who bussed our table asked how things were and I told her great, that we’d come in on the prior day’s Living Social. She said that they’d had over three hundred sales since they put the deal out. Based on my own experience, I have no doubt they’ll be adding quite a few regulars!


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One response to “The Marinated Mushroom

  1. Great review! I am contemplating checking them out for lunch this afternoon…

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