Coffee Shop success!

Our move to Tally not only displaced us from our favourite restaurants in Columbus, but sadly also my favourite coffee shop. I spent a full work day a week in my place in Columbus as well as assorted other nights. It was always there for me, and the breakup was hard. Since we have moved here, it has been hard for me to give my heart to a place in Tally the same way.

Until I finally made it to Catalina Cafe. I have no idea why it took me so long to get there. It had been recommended to me multiple times, and it is just up the street from us. But I am happy to have made it there now!


Catalina Cafe is named after the owners young daughter. Similar to many places in Tally, it is located in a strip mall and doesn’t look like much from the outside. But there is plenty of good coffee shop aura inside to make up for it! The times I’ve been there it has been quiet inside, with friendly staff/owners working and plugs and tables (and couches!) available. As an FYI, it’s been extremely hot inside both times I have been there, so layer appropriately.

They sell some Lucky Goat coffee but amazingly the majority of the beans are custom roasted by the owners! They have the typical espresso beverages as well as numerous and interesting techniques for brewed coffee including some pump versions i have never seen before. Coffee afficianos will love it here.


The owners try to source everything locally and all the baked goods are baked by them, including the bread that the sandwiches are made with. There is a large selection of breakfast goodies available all day, and pressed sandwiches for lunch. The coffee is not cheap but the quality is high and fresh. The food options are a great deal on the other hand, and tasty.

I have been there twice and have tried a chai latte and an iced latte. Both were tasty and appropriately balanced with milk to coffee/tea. I also got a veggie melt sandwich. The homemade bread tasted great The veggies were good and fresh, but overall it lacked a little creativity. But you can’t beat the 3$ price tag and it filled my hunger with quality food. It also came with a nice cold pickle. And there are four cheese choices (cheese choice is highly important to me). I also found that in general there seems to be a lot of flexibly in the food and drink options.


I love the localness of the place, owned locally by a family sourcing locally. Yes, there were three “locals” in that sentence. Unfortunately it’s only open until 6pm, so my dreams of evenings working there can’t be fulfilled. But the atmosphere is great for work or meeting a friend for a drink, the food is good to great, and they have a frequent shopper program (buy 9 drinks get the 10th free!). If you want to get away from Starbucks, or some of the other local coffee shops that have more if a loud scene going on, this is your place! You might even see me in the corner! I have the blonde curly hair.

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5 responses to “Coffee Shop success!

  1. Excellent review! Do you take requests? Brian & I found a WONDERFUL local restaurant that we’d like you to check out: Up in Smoke.

    • Thank you for all your comments Judy!! I have heard only lukewarm reviews of Up in Smoke, but I do like BBQ so it’s still on the list to try! Nice to hear you like it!

  2. I cannot believe it took me this long to find your blog, Sara! But it is EXACTLY what i needed and I will be heading to Catalina Cafe ASAP! i’m off to read the rest of your delightful posts :)

  3. I’m definitely going to check out Catalina. I’ve been by a bunch of times, but just never made the stop.

    • It’s a great little local coffee shop, and if you are a coffee geek at all you will love it! They have many different brewing options (crazy things I have never seen before), and will brew you a custom cup and chat about how the different methods work.

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