Parlay Sports Bar and Grill: Engineered for You! A ThirdWheel Review

Sometimes when it gets crazy at work and the ducks are quacking at the door, I like to hide out in area coffee shops to get work done.  One of my caffeinated hidey-holes is the Bruegger’s on North Monroe Street.  If you have been in their parking lot at any time in the last 6 months you noticed a prodigious amount of construction mayhem going on in the building they share.  Well, it appears that a bar has risen from the mayhem.  A sports bar called Parlay Sports Bar and Grill.  I had been tracking the development of the space for quite some time now – and I finally found their facebook page recently and discovered that they had a “soft open” on May 21st. A soft open apparently means that one day they just unlocked the doors to see who wanders in. Well, I wandered in last Friday to check the place out.

Stadium Seats for clear views of the big screen TV’s

As a new Person who Blogs, I am learning as I go.  And I learned that if you walk around a place with a large professional camera taking pictures, the people who own the place want to know what the hell you are doing. Apparently this is not a natural behavior seen in your standard bar-goer.  But it did give me the opportunity to meet Doug – one of the new owners of Parlay.  Doug was an engineer in a previous life, and he’s added some great features to Parlay.  First feature is the “stadium seating”.  This will allow people to watch the big screen TV’s at the same time without having an obstructed view of the screens.  I mean hey– it works at the Tallahassee AMC theater – why shouldn’t it work here? Brilliant.

Another nice touch comes with the booths for sit-down eating.  There are TV’s on the wall over each booth – with the speakers at the booth broadcasting the sound for the TV on the opposite wall.  This makes complete sense.  You would never watch the TV that’s directly overhead – you would watch the TV that is across from you.  And they are high up enough so it doesn’t look like you are staring at the people in the other booth.  Unless you are actually staring at them.  Then no amount of engineering (short of a duck blind) is going to help you.

View from the throne

But the pièce de résistance is in the bathrooms (bear with me here).  As you walk into the restrooms there is a TV monitor over the sink.  Now, this is not the first men’s room I have been in that has a TV monitor.  But this is the first men’s room I’ve been in that has strategically placed the monitor so its viewable from the stall.  That’s right folks.  If the call arises, you can watch your game from the throne. Only the mind of an engineer can think this stuff up.

So how’s the beer you ask?  Parlay currently has between 10 to 12 taps dedicated to craft beer (and only 2 or 3 for the macrobrews!) and a good selection of craft beers in bottles.  On my visit I had a Southern Tier 2X IPA and a Brooklyn Dry Irish Stout on draft and both were excellent.  I also tried the Jalapeño Roll.  It was a like a Chinese roll (deep fried) with jalapeños and cream cheese inside.  It was served with a raspberry jam and it was delicious!  If you like craft beer, sports, and the ability to watch TV from every angle in a bar, you need to check this place out.

Check out the taps!

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4 responses to “Parlay Sports Bar and Grill: Engineered for You! A ThirdWheel Review

  1. louisvillelaura

    What’s the view like from the women’s bathroom?

    • I’ve already had a few people ask me that question. I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know! Clearly a rookie mistake.

  2. What is the price range? Any other food while you were there other than aps?

  3. HAHA! I thought Jalepeno Roll was on draft, and the hint of jalapeños and cream cheese came through in the beer! And what’s worse, is that I thought. “FASCINATING. I need to try this.” LOL, but yea! I am so excited about walkable places to go to in my neighborhood and am definitely going to hit this sometime over the next week.

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