The good ol’ Cap’

Earlier today I felt the familiar pangs of cravings for Captain Pete’s House of Gyro’s (or maybe it’s called House of Gyro’s?).  It has been about 3 weeks since I’ve been there, thanks to a vacation to Scotland.  And just saying all this out loud makes me realize I have a bit of a problem.  A gyro problem.  Maybe more specifically a feta problem.  To put it in perspective, I became the foursquare mayor of the place.  I don’t even really foursquare! Yikes!

I am conflicted with this review.  More so than normal.  For the most part, I don’t really read others reviews of places I’m blogging about, and if I do I have noticed my opinions tend to match the masses.  But Captain Pete’s gets some pretty not nice reviews, and the details of many are things that I have seen and experienced myself (lousy decor, long waits, odd hours, pricey).  BUT HOLY COW THE DELUXE GYRO IS AMAZING.  And that’s gyro pronounced like euro (like the money!).  So, believe me, not the others!

I may lose some followers for this, but I actually believe that Captain Pete’s is one of my favourite food places in town. Now, I will blabber to anyone I meet that I believe Tally has many great eateries and the idea that there is no place great to eat here in town is an old one.  I can recommend a pretty good option for almost any food flavour in this town, with the options ranging from “great” to “good for Tally”. But Captain Pete’s/House of Gyros Deluxe Gyro is one of the best gyro’s I’ve ever had. ever. And I’ve been to Greece (and had many a turkish kebab/doner).


the goodness.

I have never ate anything else there.  I saw a recommendation for avoiding other menu items and sticking with the Deluxe on yelp.  And I haven’t looked back.  It’s all in the feta.  And a second runner up of the tzatziki, both of which come on the deluxe. The feta is silky, flavourful, the right saltiness, and fresh tasting (ps, they sell it by the pound.  Thank me later for that knowledge).  The tzatziki is creamy, with the right amount of fresh cucumber and herb. The gyro meat is very tender and nicely sliced and plentiful.  The pita is fresh and warm.  The tomatoes and lettuce appropriate


So, to wrap up (that was a pun there).  Go there.  And pay attention to the times it is open, they are odd (although recently they are open for supper on Friday and Saturday, but mostly lunch, and it’s all the way across town).  Get the deluxe gyro.  Expect to wait a bit for the goodness to be made.  Expect the inside to be charmingly run down.  Don’t get the combo, it’s very overpriced.  The gyro is worth the price though.  The deluxe is worth the up charge.

This place is locally owned, although it seems like it has changed owners in recent history.  I like that it seems a family owns and runs it, it’s always the same people working.  Captain Pete’s used to tweet for a bit and they were fun to interact with, that’s what got me there in the first place.  They don’t seem to anymore, but in case it’s @CaptPetes.  And check in on foursquare, I can’t be the mayor forever.

A note about gyro’s in Tally.  I have also tried Pitaria and it sucked.  That’s all I have to say about that.  Not even worth a blog post.  I haven’t tried Little Athens, which has some sort of previous owner connection with Captain Pete’s and I’ve been told is good.  But I was also told Pitaria was good.  I am telling you that the Cap’ is good.

Edit: People are mentioning the odd hours, so I thought I would post them: Monday – Saturday | 11:00am – 2:00pm
Friday & Saturday | 11:00am – 8:00pm

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6 responses to “The good ol’ Cap’

  1. We have tried to go to Little Athens on 3 different occasions & each time they were closed during what was listed as normal biz hours. Odd biz hours must be a gyro (of course like euro) hallmark? Agree with you on Pitaria. Haven’t tried Capt Pete’s but will do so on your reccomendation.

  2. I will vouch for Little Athens – I’ve had their gyro and it’s amazing. The owner used to own Capt Petes.

  3. I hop over to Kosta’s on South Adams sometimes. I’ve tried Capt Pete’s like 5 times and it’s never been open! But now I will try harder to get there. LOVE me some yee-ro’s.

  4. Great review! Captain Pete has a very, very good gyro! I love the run down interior, it is part of its charm!

  5. Yea, Im one of the haters. I think its dog food. The so-called falafel is insulting.

    • Hi El, sorry you didn’t like your experience there :(. I have seen some other negative comments about the falafel, but I haven’t tried it. I can’t seem to get away from the gyro!

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