Why yes, you can get eggs at the Egg!

Abe and I finally made it to The Egg Cafe and Eatery over the weekend.  So many people talk about this place in town, it is surprising it took so long to get there.  I blame our addiction to a few other breakfast places in town.  Anyways, many people will recognize this place more readily as Another Broken Egg, but it looks like the local Tally owners decided to split with the chain and change the name.  The Egg doesn’t have a website that I could find, including a menu to remind me of the name of some things, but I did find the Another Broken Egg corporate website.  It looks like the Egg is using many of the same menu items but have changed the name of them.  So if you haven’t been back since they changed, don’t worry, you will probably still love the same, re-named things.

We went to the Cap Circle location.  At about 9:30 on a Sunday there was plenty of room to sit and the place was bright and clean.  That may not be the case all the time.

The menu is one of the most impressive I have seen at a breakfast place…holy options batman!  I’m talking Andouille sausage! Chorizo! Avocado!  Seafood!  Brie!  Portabello! I had a tough time choosing, but ended up going with an egg white omelette with bacon and avocado (okay, who am I kidding, it is very difficult for me to not pick something with avocado).  It had melted cheese on it, came with home fries (although I could have gotten fruit or other options), and I substituted in a biscuit for bread.

My meal!

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty excited about my omelette.  Some of my most favourite things together.  With melted cheese!  It may have been the egg whites, but overall it was a little dry.  Most disappointing was the lack of the good stuff in it!  The bacon was so finely chopped it was hard to find and could not be tasted, and there was about 1/4 of an avocado total.  Considering those were the only two ingredients in the omelette for about 10$, I was sad.  The hashbrowns were standard, and the biscuit was quite tasty.

Abe gets a little wild sometimes with ordering, and this was one of those times.  He bucked the normal breakfast fare and got a Croque Madame.  That’s pretty much a ham and cheese sandwich under bechamel sauce  with a few eggs on top.  Courageous order at a breakfast place.  Even more so for them to have it on the menu (note my previous comment about the varied menu)!  Abe says he gives them props for having it there.  That is his only comment.

Abe’s meal

And because I told our friends the Parker’s that they would make the blog, and they smiled so nicely despite us all being drenched in sweat from an hour and a half run we had just finished:

Sean and Jessica!

ps, we all apologize for whoever got our seats after us.

In all, the service was wonderful throughout the meal (although there were some kitchen mistakes with the order).  The place is big with large tables for a bigger crowd, which I have noticed is hard to find in this town.  And as my friend Paula just reminded me, there are boozy drink options (great for those family breakfast moments!).  I was impressed by the menu and the potential that was there. If you want something not typical for breakfast but still egg (or sweet, if that’s your thang) oriented, you will like this menu!  And there are lunch choices too.

In the end, the food was okay.  And it was pricey for okay.  Really pricey for okay.  But the coffee was good and refilled many a time!

The Egg Cafe & Eatery on Urbanspoon

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5 responses to “Why yes, you can get eggs at the Egg!

  1. If there’s one thing you can count on Paula for, it’s a reminder of the boozy options!!!!!! I really enjoyed your writeup. I was a HUGE fan of the original location (off Kinhega). As I mentioned, we have a large family who needs to eat together occasionally on a Sunday, and the options are somewhat limited with a large group and a high maintenance (but much loved) patriarch. For what we need, we have been satisfied but I think you make some important points that potential customers, especially the avocado loving ones, should take into account. And as you know I always love the word “favourite”!!!!

  2. Enjoyed this blog especially since I have not eaten here. Am I wrong in getting the vibe that this place is an upscale Denny’s with an expanded menu including booze & yummy avocados? Which isn’t a bad thing especially when you have needs like Paula described above. I will certainly try the place, use it in that way too and remind myself not to go “Abe Wild” when ordering.

  3. It’s so hit and miss. The last time I went (the first since it became The Egg) it was great. Then I read this and don’t want to waste time and money going again.

    So frustrating!

  4. It sounds disappointing! And for what you were served, $10 is a very steep price!

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